Easy One-Pot Mediterranean Chicken

Still in the thick of the cold Canadian winter and looking for something warm and comforting with minimal clean up? Look no further than our One-Pot Mediterranean Chicken Dinner. Juicy chicken thighs are paired with fruity Kalamata olives, savoury sun-dried tomatoes, Greek oregano, and tangy feta for a Mediterranean twist on a comfort classic!

We start with chicken thighs, in our opinion the tastiest cut! Having the bone-in and skin on really provides an amazing depth of flavour that permeates the entire dish.Those crispy bits that come from browning the chicken skin before tucking this pot into the oven is what really makes for a deliciously crave-worthy dish! Once the chicken is browned on all sides, all the additional ingredients are added.

Mini potatoes are added as a based along with sun-dried tomatoes and a few cloves of garlic. Broth is then poured over to allow the chicken to stay nice and juicy and cook the potatoes with a final sprinkling of herby Greek Mountain oregano. After about 25 minutes, the Kalamata Olives and Greek feta are scattered around the pot and cooked for an additional 10 minutes for all of the flavours to come together. Serve with crusty bread to sop up all of those juices or on a bed of orzo or quinoa for a heartier meal.

What makes this a flavour-packed Mediterranean dish is the addition of these amazing Krinos products: Kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, oregano and of course the feta cheese! The combination of these ingredients is what truly transports you into the heart of the Mediterranean kitchen. This easy and delicious meal is just one pot away, check out the full recipe and get cooking!

Full recipe here: https://krinos.ca/recipes/easy-one-pot-mediterranean-chicken/

Light Sweet & Savoury Brunch Board

After the holidays it seems that we are all looking for some relief from the last month of desserts, big meals, sweets and treats. We all need some lighter options -that are just as exciting!

This sweet and savoury brunch board fits the bill and was created to be a grazing station that can be served at breakfast, brunch, lunch or for those late-night cravings! Recreate the full spread or pick from the various recipes we used here to enjoy at any time!

First off, we begin with our sweet Overnight Attiki Honey Muesli. A power-packed breakfast that starts with a base of wholesome oats and chia seeds. Here we have topped it with toasted almonds, sweet, dried apricots, fresh raspberries, and a healthy drizzle of pure, raw, Greek Attiki honey.  Don’t miss this step! Attiki honey gives a deep flavour which is indicative of the ancient flora and lush areas of Greece from which it is derived. This version is made with almond milk but use any type of dairy or non-dairy version to your taste!

All it needs is time in the fridge overnight to allow for the oats and chia seeds to plump and it is ready to enjoy. Prep it and forget it – a great make-ahead option!

Next, we move onto the savoury with this creamy Yogurt & Feta Slather. It couldn’t be simpler to put together by combining Greek yogurt, with creamy, salty Krinos Greek imported PDO feta. Finish with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and healthy helping of Krinos Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Grab a crostini, cracker or veggie and dip, slather, and scoop at your leisure. We recommend doubling this recipe, as it won’t last long!

Both recipes are fantastic as part of a spread or enjoyed on their own, but to truly make this a grazing board, we need to add some additional accoutrements. Attiki Honey is used throughout, one of favourite ways to enjoy it is with our Mini Vlahotiri wheel topped with sliced pear and toasted almonds. This cheese was selected as it pairs beautifully with fruit, nuts and honey as well as the sliced Kefalograviera, also used here. We have also added some Artisan-Grec pistachio halva, a sweet, creamy treat that works very well with cheese and honey.


All that’s left to do is add in your favourite crackers, veggies, crostini and fruits and you have yourself an amazingly easy and stunningly beautiful board to share (or not!) with friends, family and loved ones.