Hot Honey-Garlic Air Fryer Wings

Create an amazing menu for dad this Father’s Day centered around our new recipe Air Fryer Hot-Honey Garlic Wings. Hot-honey has been one of the fastest growing food trends and it is here to stay! The simple combination of spicy hot sauce with sweet, sticky honey makes for the perfect condiment, especially with chicken wings. Check out how we make ours featuring Attiki pure, raw Greek honey for the ultimate Father’s Day feast.


Using the air fryer is not only the healthier option but cooking is a breeze and cleanup is quick and easy! To prepare the chicken to have the perfectly crisp skin, pat the wings with paper towel to absorb any excess moisture and have them as dry as possible. Toss them in the spice mix to and ensure it really adheres to the outside.


Next, place them into your air fryer preheated to 425˚F in a single layer making sure there is space around each wing to ensure even cooking all the way around. Depending on the size of your fryer you may need to cook multiple batches. Cook 10 minutes on one side and another 10 on the other until you see that golden brown skin and are cooked through.


While the wings are getting crispy and delicious you can use that time to prepare the ultimate condiment! The hot-honey garlic sauce can be used on a variety of proteins, not just wings – try it with tofu for a vegetarian version. In a small pot, first melt some butter and then add in minced garlic, thyme, Attiki honey and Sriracha – give it a stir to combine. The ratio of hot sauce to honey here is 3 tbsp of hot sauce to 2 tbsp honey – this can be adjusted to suit your preferred heat level and any hot sauce can be used!


Once the wings are done cooking, you can toss them in the sauce for that good-type-of-messy or on the side for those who like to control their spice level. Either way these will be gone in seconds – get your napkins ready!

Check out the recipe here