Balsamic Glazed Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki

We’re midway through summer, and if you’re running out of ideas for the grill here’s a super easy Balsamic Glazed Chicken Skewer recipe that will keep the summer sizzle going. Featuring our sticky and sweet Krinos Balsamic Glaze along with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a mix of herbs and spices with a touch of brown sugar. Follow along for your next favourite summer recipe.

Prep and a good marinade are the keys to the getting the most flavour packed into the meat for these skewers. In this recipe we call for chicken thighs – why? Dark meat stands up to higher heat cooking and retains its juiciness and flavour.

First, cut the boneless, skinless chicken thighs into roughly 1-inch chunks and set aside in a large bowl. In a medium bowl, create the marinade by combining the extra virgin olive oil with the balsamic glaze, lemon juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, Dijon mustard, onion and garlic powder, salt, fresh parsley and rosemary and Greek oregano. Mix until combined and reserve ¼ cup of the marinade for basting on the grill.

Pour the marinade over the chicken, toss to coat well. Cover and refrigerate for at least one hour for the chicken to soak up all of the deliciousness in the marinade. Pro-tip: At this point consider that if using bamboo vs metal skewers ensure they are pre-soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before grilling to avoid burning.

Next, preheat BBQ or grill pan to medium-high heat.  Thread 4-5 pieces of chicken onto each skewer.

Place the skewers onto the grill and cook for 9-10 minutes, flipping halfway through. Using the reserved marinade, use a brush to baste the skewers frequently to reinforce that flavour and keep them extra juicy! Continue to cook until an internal temperature of 165° F degrees is reached. Baste one more time before serving, and enjoy with a hearty helping of Krinos Tzatziki Dip. Add warm grilled pitas, and a fresh salad for an easy summer dinner al fresco.

Enjoy your outdoor entertaining – cheers!

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