Prep with Palirria

There’s nothing quite like a taste of tradition and ready-made Palirria products (imported by Krinos) are a handmade taste of home.  Their ease of preparation lend themselves perfectly to your daily lifestyle, from meals-in-minutes to easy entertaining making them great staples to stock in your home pantry.

These classic dolmas are filled with steamed white rice, aromatic dill and fresh mint hand-wrapped in soft, tender vine leaves bringing the delicious taste and quality of this Greek classic to your table. Their versatility make them easy to enjoy warm or at room temperature, as a side dish or appetizer. 

If a twist on tradition is what your taste buds are after, look no further than the Sweet & Spicy Dolmas.  These dolmas are a delicious combination of rice, red hot cherry peppers, parsley and onions that offer a delectable zing to your palate. At your next party consider plating them as an elegant starter, served alongside a savoury yogurt sauce – these dolmas will be dressed to impress.

Palirria Greek Gigantes Beans or Greek Style baked beans are classically prepared; slow cooked in a rich tomato sauce with fresh dill and parsley until perfectly creamy and tender. These buttery and aromatic beans make an effortless vegan meal. Try them warm spooned over toasted crusty bread sprinkled with feta cheese – be careful they can be addicting.

Are you preparing for the Orthodox fasting season? If so, these vegan products provide delicious options that can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways that will make you feel like you cheated.

Make life a little easier and a little tastier by adding these delectable Palirria products to your pantry.