Introducing our New Krinos Feta Multi-Packs

Krinos Canada is excited to introduce new single-serve portion feta in vacuum-sealed packs providing consumers the freshest feta with more convenience. Open and use each 100g pack in its entirety while the other pack stays freshly sealed.

Traditionally, feta is stored in brine to protect the cheese from being exposed to air, which causes it to dry out and become sour in flavour. This method is still used because it allows you to consume portions of the feta block when needed and preserve the rest but at times this can be a messy process and maintaining the brine levels after use can be intimidating to some. Until now there has been no way to avoid these inconveniences.

Multi-pack benefits

• Packed in two 100g vacuum single serving sizes for proper portion control

• Ultimate freshness. Open one pack, the other pack stays fresh

• “Easy to open” peel tab on each pack

• No brine so less mess upon opening and re-storing

• Takes up less space in the fridge

• Assorted inspiring feta recipe insert in every box

Look for our new line of feta multi-packs already on select store shelves in the same section you normally shop for our feta products.

Now you can enjoy our delicious, traditionally made Krinos feta that you have come to love in a more convenient way.