Marissa Papaconstantinou’s #JourneyToTheFinishLine

Congratulations to Marissa for her amazing achievements this year! We were so happy to support her on this journey and are so proud for what she accomplished this summer. Winning bronze in the Women’s 100M T64 and placing 5th in the Women’s 200M T64. Hard work and dedication allowed her to achieve greatness and we can’t wait to see what she does next!


Since 2019, Krinos Canada has been thrilled to work in partnership with Canadian sprinter Marissa Papaconstantinou. The Toronto-based track and field athlete is known for her ability to dig deep and put in the work, which helped her achieve the Canadian record in the T64 100m. This season, Marissa has remained strong, focusing her training on her #JourneyToTheFinishLine at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics.

Marissa is no stranger to staying keenly focused on her goals. As a 13-year-old first time track athlete, her level of dedication to the sport was impressively unwavering. It has been this unstoppable work ethic that has helped her weather some difficult times. After a disappointing finish at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, then grueling injuries in 2017 and 2018, the 21-year-old has taken some much-needed recovery time during the COVID-19 pandemic, regrouped, and refocused her training efforts.

As a proud Canadian, Marissa takes a great deal of inspiration and positive energy from her fans. This past year, she has also used her social media platforms to shine a spotlight on others. Recently, she and other Canadian athletes, partnered with Race With Me Canada Virtual Challenge inspiring children and their families to keep their physical and mental health on track during the pandemic with a regular weekly 400-meter run on a local track.

Along with being a proud Canadian athlete, Marissa is also incredibly proud of her Greek heritage. Before she began her track and field career, she spent many summers visiting her family in Greece which led her to develop an appreciation for Greek cuisine and culture. Being an inspiring Canadian role model along with her passion for her Greek heritage made the partnership with Krinos Canada a perfect fit. This partnership has been a unique opportunity for Marissa to share her enjoyment of Krinos Foods with Canadians coast-to-coast, who will also be cheering for her, as she continues on her #JourneyToTheFinishLine.

Krinos Canada is pleased to continue supporting Marissa as she works towards achieving her goals, elevating the profile of Paralympic athletics and raising awareness for Paralympic sport on a national and global level. Join us in cheering her on throughout her #JourneyToTheFinishLine by leaving a comment for Marissa at!

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