Lemony Halloumi Pitas

Our Easy Greek Halloumi Pitas are perfect for a quick and tasty dinner or lunch!

Everyone is back to work, and we all need an easy go-to meal that comes together in no time at all. See how easy it is below.

We first start with the tzatziki sauce – why? The longer it sits, the tastier it gets! This sauce couldn’t be easier to make or more versatile to use. Combine creamy Greek yogurt with chopped dill, grated garlic, and salt. Mix until even – this can be done up to 2 days ahead! Feel free to add your own twist on this simple tzatziki by adding grated cucumber, mint, parsley, lemon, or all of the above if you’re feeling adventurous!

Next the star of this dish – the delicious, creamy Halloumi cheese is sliced 1/4 inch thick and grilled to perfection! You’ll want to see a nice golden brown colour, using an even medium-high heat on your pan (can also Air Fry at 350-360 for about 10 minutes or until golden).

Prepare your garnishes and toppings, here we used zesty arugula, fresh cucumber, juicy tomato, and tangy red onion. All that’s left is to warm your pitas and assemble! Start with a thin layer of tzatziki, then layer on your arugula, Halloumi and add the rest of your garnishes on top. Finish with a bright squeeze of lemon juice, wrap and eat!

In less than 30 minutes you have a vibrant, balanced meal that is not only vegetarian but DELICIOUS! Pro-tip: try using the BBQ for your Halloumi and Pitas!

Check out the recipe here