Perfect Cheese and Wine Party Ideas and Tips

A classic, tried-and-true wine and cheese party is a great way to bring people together, and Krinos has some ideas to take your standard cocktail gathering and make it a little bit extra.


TIP: Think about the style of your cheese and wine party: do you want it to be casual and informal, or more structured? Are you hosting a drop-in party or a set time? Tailor your party style to your liking.

TIP: Start with a large harvest table; if you don’t have one, folding tables will work and cover them with a statement tablecloth or inexpensive kraft paper. Kraft paper gives a rustic flair, and allows you to write on the paper directly, if you like. If your home isn’t conducive to having a cheese and wine party in one area, perhaps you want to split it up into stations.

TIP: Boards are your friend. Use various wood boards to help design your party flow. Have lots of napkins, side dishes and resting areas available for guests.

TIP: You can’t have a cheese and wine party without cheese, and there’s no shortage of impressive Krinos cheeses. If you want to get people talking, offer up Barrel Aged Feta, either on its own or in a small appetizer salad. You don’t need a lot because this feta packs a punch of salty, rich ­­and dense flavour. Pair this with a full-bodied red wine, and let the blend of flavours come alive.

Conversely, you’ll want a cheese that’s smooth and silky; we suggest Artisan Grec Graviera. This premiere product is best served at room temperature, either on its own or with a simple cracker or crostini. The Graviera is creamy and mild and leaves a certain sweetness on your palate. Pair Graviera with a crisp white wine.

TIP: Add some sweetness to the table with Attiki Greek Honey and Artisan Grec Organic Sundried Figs for your guests to explore. A sweet and smooth dark honey, try drizzling Attiki Greek Honey on the Barrel Aged Feta, or enjoy over mixed nuts. Plump and meaty, Artisan Grec Organic Sundried Figs will be a conversation starter for sure. Offer them up whole or sliced on a cracker with Graviera cheese topped with a drizzle of Attiki Greek Honey. Wine Pairing suggestion: dessert or ice wine.

TIP: Add an olive to the party. Or multiple. Krinos Kalamata Olives are excellent in a little bowl served with toothpicks for easy grabbing. These perfectly salty, deep purple olives  are delicious and go with just about anything. A quick and simple way to elevate your olives – rise the olives from the brine and toss with a bit of EVOO and dried oregano.

TIP: There’s arguably no greater pairing than cheese and wine, but to amp up the party, we suggest adding complimentary offerings to the menu with an extensive line of deliciously sweet and savoury products from Krinos.

Hosting a cheese and wine party is a great way to allow your guests to sample and explore new and familiar flavours; use it as an opportunity to be creative and have fun!



Wine and Cheese Pairing

The most important rule in pairing wine and cheese is to remember that they are both living foods that will change from day to day. As a result, it’s best to use a few guiding principles rather than try to memorize lists of exact pairings for each wine or cheese. Furthermore, “perfect” pairings depend on individual preferences, so the right answer is the one that tastes delicious to the person eating and drinking it.

That said, there are some basic truths underlying food and wine pairing rules. Sweet, salt, fat and spice in food will affect the way wine tastes. In turn, acidity, alcohol and tannin in wine can be accentuated or diminished by these components. So pay attention to the dominant components. As my favourite Master Sommelier frequently says, “Structure never lies.” Think about whether you want to match or contrast whatever stands out about an individual food.


Barrel-Aged Feta and Merlot 2013

The salt in feta could overpower a delicate wine, and its intense flavor needs something similarly powerful to not be overwhelmed. Our Merlot is grown in the Niagara River appellation, sheltered from frost, allowing it to reach full ripeness – which creates a rich wine capable of standing alongside such a dominant cheese. The tannins are smooth and silky and should taste even more so alongside the salty feta – making for a flavourful and decadent combination.


Artisan Grec Graviera and Unoaked Chardonnay 2016

Silky-textured, flavourful cheese requires a wine with intense fruit and rich texture. Our Unoaked Chardonnay has bright fruit and floral aromatics and flavours supported by a full-bodied weight that allows the wine to stand alongside a high-quality cheese rather than be dominated by it.


Attiki Greek Honey, Artisan Grec Organic Sun-dried Figs and Riesling Icewine 2013

In general, wine should be sweeter than accompanying food or its acidity will make it taste sour. Our lusciously sweet icewine – a Canadian specialty of worldwide renown – can easily be sipped next to honey and figs. Riesling’s natural acidity creates the balance that makes this wine so special – intensely concentrated but never cloying. This is a luxurious and low-stress alternative to dessert after a meal or wine and cheese party.


Anya Spethmann, Certified Sommelier, Dip.WSET
Director of Marketing, Two Sisters Vineyards