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Greek Barrel Aged Feta
Visions of grasslands and peasant farmers come to mind with Barrel Aged Feta Cheese. Made the old fashioned way and then aged in oak barrels, it is cherished for its exceptional taste and superb quality.

Our master cheese maker Mr. Gerassimos Depountis is from the island of Kefalonia, renowned for its cheese making history.

He has been making our Krinos Barrel Aged Feta for over 50 years using traditional family recipes, passed on from generation to generation.

  • Gluten Free.
  • No Sulphites.
Food Service: 34 kg
Recipes using Greek Barrel Aged Feta
Greek Salad

Greek Feta Cheese
It is with great pride that Krinos imports authentic Greek Feta Cheese. Produced in the northern region of Epirus, renowned for its quality of milk and the traditional methods used by local cheese makers, our cheese is cured and aged in wooden oak barrels acquiring a rich peppery taste that is appreciated by true "feta" connoisseurs.

Saltier than its domestic counterpart, it is celebrated for its rich distinctive flavor and versatility. Its universal appeal makes Krinos Greek Feta a staple at many family meals.

  • High protein content.
  • Great source of calcium.
  • Gluten and sulphite free.
  • No Sulphites.
P.D.O. indicates that a particular agricultural product is produced, processed and prepared in a given geographical area using a recognized and unique know-how.
Agricultural Products Certification and Supervision Organization, is an officially established Greek organization responsible for the implementation of national policy on quality in agriculture.
Available in: 200 g, 400 g, 1 kg, 2 kg
Food Service: 14 kg
Recipes using Greek Feta Cheese
Grilled Vegetable & Feta Salad
Cornflake-Crusted Feta Cheese

Bulgarian White Cheese
Bulgarian white cheese is a feta variation known in Bulgaria, Macedonia and other Balkan countries as "Sirene". Made from sheep’s milk, Sirene is a tad saltier than Greek feta and has a creamier texture, with a hint of yogurt overtones. Bulgarian white cheese is often used in traditional pastry dishes such as Banitsa (Tiropita) and Shopska salad (similar to Greek salad).
  • Very good source of calcium.
  • High protein content.
  • Gluten Free.
  • No Sulphites.
Available in: 200 g, 400 g, 1 kg
Food Service: 13 kg, 6 kg
Recipes using Bulgarian White Cheese
Pizza à la Grecque

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