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For over 50 years, Krinos has been dedicated to providing quality products enjoyed by millions of Canadians.
The War in the '40s.

By 1950 Greece was in rubbles. Both WW II and the Civil War had destroyed the country completely, and many Greeks were forced to leave the country to seek a better future in Germany, Australia and especially North America.

Lieutenant John Moscahlaidis, one of the most highly decorated Greek officers of his time, had spent four years (1946-1950) fighting the communist guerillas in the Greek mountains. Before returning home in Amfissa, he was awarded the Golden Cross of Valour (Αριστείον Ανδρείας, Aristeion Andreias) which is the highest decoration awarded for acts of bravery and distinguished leadership on the field of battle.

America in the '50s.

His family had been in the olive business for many generations and they were one of the largest olive growers and exporters. To further develop the business, his elder brother decided that John needed to move to the United States and lay the groundwork so that they could sell their olives. As a result, in 1950, John boarded the SS LaGuardia bound for New York.

He started a small company named ARISTA OLIVE Co Inc., and was simultaneously accepted and began his studies at the Business School of New York University. Meanwhile, olive sales were so good that he soon began to import other products as well, such as olive oils and cheeses. His olive oil, which was branded "KRINOS", became a huge success. When his small trucks were delivering to the stores in Astoria, the store owners always referred to these deliveries as: "KRINOS has arrived"!

"Do you want deliciously healthy ingredients that are fresh and simple to use? Krinos does too. We have the same high expectations from our products as you do and that is how we are able to please people for over 50 years." — John Moscahlaidis

By 1958, ARISTA moved into its own building on 120 Hundson Street. Business was booming and in less than two years, John bought the building next door, and a little later a third building was purchased. In 1965, the company expanded into Canada; first out of a warehouse in Montréal, and a few years later he opened in Toronto as well. By 1973 everyone was familiar with Krinos, so both the United States and the Canadian companies were officially renamed KRINOS FOODS Inc. and KRINOS FOODS CANADA Ltd.

Branching Out in the '70s and '80s.

Throughout the '70s and the '80s the business grew quickly and KRINOS had managed to acquire most of its competitors to become the market leader in Greek food imports. In addition, John also purchased Athens Pastry & Frozen Foods in Cleveland, Ohio and made a vital move into the very promising phyllo-dough and frozen pies market. By the time he handed over the business to his children in the mid '80s, KRINOS was financially strong and well established. In New York, the company had moved into a brand new plant in Queens while the Canadian operation had also built its own facilities both in Toronto and in Montreal.

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