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The Krinos Story
Krinos Foods is North America's largest importer, distributor and manufacturer of Greek specialty foods with production facilities and warehouses in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
Fifty Years and Counting.

What began half a century ago with an Amfissa olive tree is now an international food company with food plants in Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, New York, and Chicago. Krinos Foods imports and manufactures over 500 frozen, refrigerated and dry foods including cheeses, olive oil, pasta, beans, peppers, yogurt, condiments and confectionery items. We also import a variety of quality beverages including coffees and teas.

In addition to Krinos brand foods, we also exclusively represent many well-known brands including: Athens Foods, Attiki Honey, Loumidis Coffee, Macedonian Halva, Hermes Oils, Kyknos tomato paste, Melissa Pasta, Minerva Oils, Orlando, Sarantis Deserts, Vlaha Pasta, Papoutsanis and Zanae.

You will find our selection of fine products in supermarkets, gourmet stores, ethnic markets, hotels, restaurants and top food service establishments all over Canada!

Krinos Quality.

Quality is the cornerstone of our success. Millions of people all over Canada choose Krinos products. This shows confidence in our products and company as a whole. This confidence is based on our quality image and a reputation for high standards and quality that has been built up over many years.
We also maintain an elaborate distribution network that spans the entire country distributing products all across Canada.

John Moscahlaidis brought the delicious versatility of the small but tasty olive to North America sowing seeds of the old world traditions of hard work, high standards and commitment to service into the company. Today, his children and the people behind Krinos are committed to those same traditions and high standards.

With a keen eye toward future innovations, Krinos gratefully acknowledges its loyal customers and looks forward to continuing in the tradition of another 50 years of dedicated service.

"Never forget that we are all committed to treat and serve every single one of our Customers, as a King!" — John Moscahlaidis

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